Athletic Department

Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Email
Junior Domingo Dean of Kinesiology and Athletics 626-914-8656
Jackie Boxley Assistant Athletic Director 626-857-4155
Andrew Wheeler Assistant Athletic Director 626-914-8686
Chris Peterson Sports Information Coordinator 626-857-4018
Isabel Bellman Administrative Secretary 626-914-8650
Julian Horton Kinesiology/Athletics Facility Supervisor 626-914-8655
Alicia Longyear Athletics Academic Counselor 626-914-8662
Steve Handy Athletic Trainer 626-914-8657
Scott Norman Athletic Trainer 626-914-8670
Valencia Hamilton Athletic Trainer 626-852-6446
Shin Jung Athletic Programs Assistant 626-914-8660
Brian Cone Athletics Operation Assistant 626-914-8684
Joelle Nguyen Eligibility Clerk 626-914-8518


Name Title Phone Email
Steve Gomez Head Baseball Coach 626-857-4058
Marcos Aldrete Assistant Baseball Coach 626-857-4058

Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Alan Waddington Head Cross Country Coach 626-914-8583
Diego Lopez Assistant Cross Country Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Ron Ponciano Head Football Coach 626-914-8664
Tanner Farwell Associate Head Coach/Offensive Line/Run Game Coordinator 626-914-8665
Kevin Puckett Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach
Reginald Stover Wide Receiver's Coach 310-491-4861
Brandon Hyashi Defensive Line Coach
Braxton Brown Defensive Backs Coach

Mens Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Brett Lauer Head Men's Basketball Coach 626-914-8668
Casey Norris Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 626-914-8668

Men's Golf

Name Title Phone Email
Julian Horton Head Men's Golf Coach 626-914-8655

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Fred Bruce-Oliver Head Men's Soccer Coach 626-914-8680
Jason Schmelzeisen Assistant Men's Soccer Coach 626-914-8680

Men's Water Polo

Name Title Phone Email
Erick Gonzalez Head Men's Water Polo Coach 626-914-8653


Name Title Phone Email
Terry Paredez Head Softball Coach 626-914-8682
Heather Harrison Assistant Softball Coach

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Linnae Barber Matthews Head Women's Basketball Coach 626-914-8683
Melissa Gillard Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 818-422-2870

Women's Golf

Name Title Phone Email
Julian Horton Head Women's Golf Coach 626-914-8655

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Tim Tracey Head Women's Soccer Coach 626-914-8841
Brian Dorman Assistant Women's Soccer Coach 626-857-4102

Men's and Women's Swimming

Name Title Phone Email
Jennifer Spalding Head Men's and Women's Swim Coach 626-852-6447
Ian Davidson Assistant Men's and Women's Swim Coach 619-884-5275

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Shin Jung Head Volleyball Coach 626-914-8660
Becca Dean Assistant Volleyball Coach 909-762-1047

Women's Water Polo

Name Title Phone Email
Jennifer Spalding Head Women's Water Polo Coach 626-852-6447
Jordan Carmody Assistant Women's Water Polo Coach