The Softball Blog: Preparation

Sophomore Katherine Cunningham will be blogging for throughout, the softball teams time in the playoffs.
Sophomore Katherine Cunningham will be blogging for throughout, the softball teams time in the playoffs.

Throughout the 2013 CCCAA post-season, Citrus College sophomore Katherine Cunningham will be blogging for Today's installment is the third installment of the blog.

Today was the final day of preparation for Game Day. Preparation is needed not only on the field, but off the field as well. With that being said, the practice on the field today was not as strenuous as earlier in the week because today was not about that. Today was about coming in and having a good, short workout, and then truly preparing each and every individual for the mental part of the game, which is huge aspect in softball. Before practice was over, we watched a slideshow of clips from sports movies. It was motivating and inspiring; the coaches used this as just another tactic to get us mentally ready.

Now everyone is at home preparing their bodies for tomorrow. We are all getting our rest, eating a good dinner, and continuing to hydrate. Tonight and tomorrow morning are important in our preparation. We should envision ourselves making great plays and hitting hard line drives. Everyone should be going over their mental plans in the box and thinking about different strategies to execute, so that when it comes time for tomorrow there will be no fear, only hunger.

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